Polarity Therapy Educational
Training Program 2011 -2012

Associate Level (APP)

American Polarity Therapy Association
This training is approved by the American Polarity Therapy Association and exceeds APP requirements established in the APTA Standards for Practice.

217 Hours.  The class will meet on weekends and possibly some weekdays. Offered By
Moksha Sharon Kolman
Registered Polarity Educator

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive holistic approach to life. Drawing from ancient healing traditions in India, Egypt, and Asia as well as Chiropractic and Osteopathy, Dr. Randolph Stone put together this dynamic and effective system for wellness and vitality.

Polarity Therapy recognizes the energetic basis of life, viewing wellness as the free flow and balanced state of the body-mind-spirit energies. Illness is seen as a blockage in the flow of energy. Polarity Therapy assists individuals to break through blockages and return to balance. In the process of realigning, one is able to release stress and tension in the body and touch a deep sacred space within.

The Five Aspects Of Polarity Therapy

Nutrition: Breathing and eating are two of the main ways we take in the life force. The more conscious and clear we are around food and eating, the more we can use food to strengthen and nourish our bodies and to achieve balance within the body-mind- spirit. By applying polarity principals of nutrition based on the five elements and the three gunas, we are able to maximize the life force we receive from our food. Students try various polarity food processes during the training.

Energy Exercises: Polarity postures and exercises facilitate the flow of energy in vital organs as well as in muscles and joints. They help balance the elements and bring increased vitality and emotional clarity. Students will use postures daily and will learn to teach them to others.

Communication Skills: With strong emphasis on one’s own progression toward greater clarity and understanding, we will explore different models of counseling process and body centered psychotherapy. Group process is an integral part of this training and students must be committed to their own personal growth and healing.

Energetic Touch: Hands-on work includes learning to perceive and affect the energy flows of the human body. We work with the currents, the five elements, the chakras and fields, and begin learning an extensive system of body reflexology. Presence, quality of touch, intuitive abilities, and attunement are emphasized.

Attuning to the Divine: In Polarity Therapy we recognize and honor the Source from which all life comes, the Oneness where all originates and returns, and upon which all depends.

Primary Instructor and Program Director:
Moksha Sharon Kolman B.A., R.P.P.

Class Schedule: Will meet on weekends and possibly some weekdays

The 2011 course Dates: Begins March 5, 2011

Monthly Format:
3/5-3/6 General Balancing and Star Patterns

4/9-4/10 Organizing Principals of Polarity Energetic Touch

5/21-5/22 Understanding the 5 Elements

6/11-6/12 Balancing the Chakras

6/23-6/24 Balancing the Spine

8/27-8/18 Foot Reflexes /Water Element

9/24-9/25 Cavities and Ovals

10/15-10/16 Perineal Technique

11/12-11/13 Ether/Coccyx work

12/3-12/4 Joints, Advanced Organizing Principles

RPP Level courses:
01/7-01/8/2012 Deepening with the Elements
Feb 2012 Balancing the Chakras/Clearing the fields (Adv)
Mar 2012 Final Weekend and Graduation

Course fee: $3,900
Application Fee: $50
Individual Weekend: $330.00

There will be additional expenses for bodywork table, required sessions, books, APTA membership fees, APP Applications fees and shared meal costs.

Most classes will be held at Health Touch
3500 Westgate Drive
Suite 504
Durham NC 27707